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Office Hours– Mission > Emotions

This month in office hours, we followed up on the discussion started in the monthly video about how our Mission > our Emotions. Many resources were shared and practical ideas were discussed in this conversation. Unless otherwise noted, Leslie has read these and highly recommends them. RESOURCES MENTIONED: Your Reactions Are Showing. Leslie noted how […]

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Mission > Your Emotions

In this conversation, we’ll discuss how our mission is greater than our emotions. We’ll look at some tools for managing and controlling our emotions and staying focused on our purpose as parents. We’ll explore the gift and impact of emotions, highlighting the positive and negative aspects. Leslie will provide practical ways to manage emotions, including […]

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Parenting Through Emotions– Interview with Tricia Goyer

You do not want to miss this discussion. Tricia Goyer, author of Calming Angry Kids- Help and Hope for Parents in the Whirlwind, gives some incredible tips and practical insight about how to help our children through various emotional displays. There is insight and help for all parents in this short discussion.

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How to Control Your Emotions

How to control your emotions so they do not control you! Motherhood leads to refining moments in our lives. You might have “those children” who are more difficult than others, and it is a constant working in your mothering heart. This wonderful talk will encourage your heart in parenting and equipping yourself for the battle […]

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Understanding the Emotional Needs Of Adopted Children

Imran and Tami Razvi
Adopted children have higher emotional needs than children entering a family by birth. It is important that adoptive families, and those having contact with adopted children understand this.

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