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Summer Fun Ideas

Leslie will be talking about Summer Fun activities for your family as she shares a conversation she had with Heidi St. John. Ginger Hubbard, and Durenda Wilson about how they all avoided summer boredom or burnout and made the most of the time they had with their children each year. This was recorded at a […]

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Learning to Trust Your Instincts as a Homeschooling Parent

We are bombarded with Pinterest, FaceBook and Instagram ideas on how to educate, raise, discipline, feed, and clothe our kids. But how will we really KNOW what’s best for our kids? How can we have peace about what we are doing at home? Find out some very doable ways to gain wisdom so that you can fulfill the purposes that GOD has for your family.

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Nurturing Sibling Relationships

As homeschooling parents we have a unique opportunity to nurture sibling relationships among our children just by nature of the fact that our kids typically spend so much time together. Find out why it’s so important to nurture sibling relationships as well as practical ways to do that!

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