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Ready to Launch: Preparing Teens for Life After High School

How can a homeschool parent be sure their students are prepared for life after high school? The subjects of logic, current events, debate, public speaking, worldviews and critical thinking are often considered electives, yet are vital to developing a well-rounded, articulate individual. We will cover how a parent can easily introduce and master these subjects, with recommended resources included. In addition, we will discuss testing and transcripts, dual enrollment, college choices, gap year programs, and other post-high school options.

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Training Champions

Spiritual discipleship in higher education. The heart of homeschooling is all about discipleship and this continues on into college. As a parent, you want to ask if the college is a teammate or an opponent to what you have been doing to disciple your child. Listen Now

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Maximize Your Time: The Fast Track to a College Degree

Higher education takes investment, both of time and finances. There are ways to expedite your education, however, if both parent and student are aware of the opportunities available. Starting as early as 9th grade curriculum to dual enrollment and CLEP testing, this session will discuss how to help your student get started down his degree path with focus to finish.

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Bachelor’s Degree by Age 18

How did our Founding Fathers graduate from college at 15, 16, and 17 years old? This practical session gives an inspiring overview to what’s happened to education and how today’s students can maximize their high school study by incorporating a rapid version of dual credit into their daily schedule using the curriculum they already own. Topics covered include: how to earn dual credit, how to record dual credit on a high school transcript, a suggested daily schedule and lots more. A shortcut to life or graduate studies, this concept saves thousands of dollars and years of time. Learn how to graduate from college by the same time your peers are graduating high school. We’re 

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