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Bible Recap Fellowship- January 2024

Join us for our first Bible Recap fellowship time. Through this study, you’ll be encouraged to hear how God is working in hearts and families and growing us all closer to Him and each other. We’d love for you to jump in and join us there! Request to join in the main TTD365 discussion group […]

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Real Moms: Creating A Legacy Bible with Leslie

I’m not sure what I expected God to do through this project when I started, but I underestimated its impact–not only on my children but also on all who hear about it. The summer after I presented my oldest son with his Bible, he chose to take it to camp. As he pulled it out […]

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This month’s video is a little different than most. It’s both a testimony and an invitation. Join Leslie as she shares what God has been teaching her over the last couple of months. She’ll challenge you to consider how God could use this same lesson in your own life, and she invites you to join […]

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Homeschool Basic Training Everyone Should Go Through | 188

Many find that the act of doing school is actually hurting their relationships with their children while also not instilling a love of learning that we know will take them far in the days ahead. On this episode, David and Leslie will talk about what often hinders that love of learning and how we can overcome it in a way that will actually strengthen the relationships you care most about.

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The Importance of Heart Schooling | 184

We talk a lot about Heart Schooling—or discipleship-focused homeschooling. So, this week, David and I are going to look specifically at what Heart Schooling really entails and give you some ideas to start putting some of these concepts into action right now.

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