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Teaching Your Children to Defend Christianity

In the growing skepticism of our society, it is so important that we not only train our children in Biblical knowledge, but in the logic to know that the Bible is truly the Word of God and Christianity is truth. Once our children leave for college, the world is waiting to attack their faith by convincing them that God is not real, that Christianity is false, and that the Bible is not true. It is critical to our children’s faith, and those to whom they may witness, that they have a strong understanding of the logical way to answer those challenges. Cathryn’s book, Teaching Others to Defend Christianity, is structured as a teaching tool so that parents can use these six lessons to teach their children the essentials to being able to defend their faith. It walks them through the logical progression that God exists, it is the Christian God, the Bible is trustworthy, and Jesus is the Son of God. Are your children prepared to face the fundamental questions to their faith?

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