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Miracle in Shreveport

Miracle in Shreveport is an inspirational story of a family’s love, the power of prayer, and a game that is truly all-American. It is also the story of brotherhood staying strong, despite the threat of comparison in a profession committed to competition. Most of all, it is the story of being faithful in small steps, honoring God in the process, and trusting His hand in our lives. In this session, the Benhams call us to remember that when we follow God’s dream for us, we find it is better than we could have ever dreamed for ourselves.

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Early on in their business careers, the Benhams recognized that disruptive business models were the ones that transformed entire industries. In this session, they share the secrets to their success in business and outline a powerful five-step process of transformation that catapulted them into nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs. They also share how this same process can bring transformation to any facet of life.

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Create The Crave – Cultivating appetites in those you lead

Is practice time a constant struggle? Does learning music feel like simply ???going through the motions??? each day? In this fast-paced workshop, award-winning music teachers Nathan Arnold and Allison Anderson will explore ways to encourage progress and help make music fun!

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Whatever The Cost – The cost of serving Christ in today’s culture

Do you think you are ready for this journey? There are 1 things I want YOU to know. Whether you are feeling prepared, excited, or overwhelmed, you won’t want to miss these points that are essential to every new homeschooler! We will discuss curriculum, heart issues, discipline, homekeeping, and so much more! I was the unlikeliest of homeschoolers and I have seen God’s amazing provision; so rest assured new homeschooler??_if I can do this, anyone can!

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