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Real Moms with Tricia Goyer & Robin Jones Gunn

Listen in as we chat with Tricia Goyer and Robin Jones Gunn!! We talk about Teens and Marriage. Dating. Relationships…. Tricia and Robin are about to release a new book titled “Before You Meet Your Future Spouse”. In this video, they share what they’ve learned and how they’ve helped their children through these important steps. Give […]

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Launching Your Teens into Adulthood

Speaker: Karen DeBeus When they’re little you can’t imagine it, but yes one day those precious ones grow up. Having launched two young adults recently, there have been some lessons that were quite unexpected. Come hear about the teen years, college, college alternatives, and even dating and marriage! Be prepared for those years before you […]

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Courtship and Dating – So What’s the Difference

Speaker: Dennis Gundersen Families hear much about courtship these days, but often lack clear ideas as to the differences between a dating approach and the courtship concept. We want to spare our children the pitfalls of the modern dating tradition, but often don’t know how to explain to them how courtship works! This seminar gives […]

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Dating Courtship and All That

In a world where everyone is saying to wait on marriage, we should be encouraging our kids that they know that marriage is a good thing! God created marriage and He designed the best way for a healthy and strong marriage. Listen Now

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