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The Power Source of Men is Knowing Who and Whose You Are

Speaker: Norm Wakefield What defines a man? It’s his identity source. We’ll look for four identity principles that define Jesus. These four principles are at work in every man. They explain why men have become what they are, and provide insight into how a man’s life can be transformed. It’s all a matter of identity […]

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Dads Who Homeschool

Speaker: Darren Jones Historically, the bulk of homeschooling has been done by mothers. But more fathers are taking over, often due to financial pressure or major life crises. Come hear tips about how dads can assist, co-teach, or embrace the full load of teaching our children. Listen Now

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Going With God’s Flow: The Key to Effective Family Leadership

Few men want to create disorder and destruction in their families, However, when a man gets out of the flow of God’s Word, that’s exactly what happens. You’ll learn how God’s running the universe and how to get in the flow of God’s power and authority.

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The Most Powerful Words a Dad Can Say

Knowing these words and believing them equips men to be courageous, effective, and God-like. Every man who has believed these words have become powerful channels in God’s hands.

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Fathers Impart Identity

Norm shares four identity principles that explain how our lives are shaped and defined. A dad that understands these principles is equipped to anchor their children to withstand the onslaught of the world. These four identity principles will explain your own life and what defines you and give you insight into how to lead your children to discover their own identity in Christ.

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Young Men and Low Expectations

Young men have gone from storming the beaches of Normandy to storming the fridge for leftover pizza. The expectations our culture has placed on young men have decreased with every generation. So, the result has been a generation of young men who have traded purpose for play. How did we get here? Can we and should expect more from our young men? Do young men want to be challenged? This workshop will answer those three questions and share vital principles for demanding more from the next generation.

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H.E.A.R.T. Exam for Homeschooling Dads

Whether you have 2 children or 1, you will leave this session feeling encouraged that you can homeschool your large family. Topics include: organizational tips scheduling/flexibility getting away from the school-at-home mentality multi-level learning keeping little ones happy and engaged having reasonable expectations

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How to Lead Your Homeschool Family with Vision

From the resource, Equipping Men, Norm Wakefield speaks to men about their identity of leading their families to Jesus. Fathers and Husbands have an irreplaceable role to lead their families and be the head of the family in which to lead. Listen Now

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