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Being Creators in a Consumption World

Speaker: Nephi Zufelt We live in a world of consumption where it is commonplace to sit and consume hours and hours of content (Netflix, video games, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) every single day. As a society, we are losing our ability to create and produce because of our tendency to consume. This class is not […]

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Heartbeats of Discipleship: Shaping Your Child’s Heart to Live for God

“Who REALLY “Owns” YOUR Children?”

“Who REALLY “Owns” Your Children?” Two radically opposing views of parenting and education at war in America today… It boils to this: who REALLY “owns” your children? There is an extreme danger to faith and freedom in allowing government to become parent. Learn the real history of so called “public” schools, and the purpose their architects intended. The battle for faith and freedom in America hinges on giving children the education our Creator expects.

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