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The Writer Within

How do parents unlock their child’s reading potential? This session will give you insight on how to direct your child to writing and pulling out the gift in themselves to read and thrive. Your child can write creatively, the potential just needs to be unlocked! Listen Now

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CREATIVE FREEWRITING ADVENTURE—Bring Joy and Excitement to Your Student’s Writing!

Join Stacy Farrell as she shares ideas on how to bring joy and excitement into your student’s writing. Learn how you can inspire your students to think critically and biblically—and develop essential writing skills—using methods that help unleash their creativity. Even students who considered themselves “non-writers” have produced surprisingly creative work using these techniques.

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Secrets to Making Writing Fun

Writing can be an enjoyable activity for budding writers. This workshop will equip you with tips and ideas to use with elementary-age children during writing time. The result? Your children will not only produce polished writing projects, they’ll also be begging for the next lesson!

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