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Is Genesis Relevent in 2013?

Speaker Ken Ham shares why Genesis matters in 2013. Ken Ham gives Biblical proof and reason for why Genesis is relevant in our world today! This insightful session will encourage your heart and help you stand in truth today! Listen Now

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Ice Age

Producer of the Jonathan Park radio series shares about the Ice Age and how Christians should react. This session will address truth of how Christians should react to the thinking of the existence of Ice Age. Listen Now

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The Savior of Science

Myths- Evolution and man-created. The religious battle over truth is a huge struggle in our culture right now. Christians are told they can have their own opinion but they cannot deny the facts of evolution. Christians do not to feel like they need to avoid science, but they should know what is truth according to […]

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Science Confirms the Bible

World renowned speaker, Ken Ham, shares how you can be confident in the Bible and existence of God. While many people use science to prove evolution, Ken Ham will explain how science points humanity to God and His marvelous creation! Listen Now

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