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Technology: How to Create Positive Social Footprint

Speaker: Connie Albers If you are like most parents, you are concerned about what your kids might post online. Social media is a powerful platform that isn’t going away. While more and more kids seek relationships online, you can teach them how to create a positive profile that helps influence the next generation. Connie Albers […]

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Remain Steadfast During High School

Speaker: Connie Albers Your teen is changing, and they need you to stay the course through the most critical years of your homeschooling journey? While they struggle to figure out life, your steadiness helps them navigate the adulting process with less stress and great confidence. When you understand how to navigate the high school years, […]

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Parenting and Homeschooling Beyond the Rules: Making The Adjust

Speaker: Connie Albers Like you, we began our homeschool journey not knowing what to do or where we would end up. I created rules, set limits, and established boundaries, but I learned valuable lessons when things didn’t go as planned. God was working in the midst of it all, and she needed to adjust her […]

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