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Transcripts Credits and Grades

Speaker: Christine Torre Do not be intimidated by all that is needed for your high schooler! You can make your paper work look professional and have a portfolio for your high school student as they apply and launch to college (with maybe even a full scholarship). Listen Now

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How to Build a Transcript: It’s Easier Than You Think

With children admitted to over 25 different colleges, Charlotte offers a simple guide for transcripts that can be built with a Word document or an Excel worksheet. Sample transcripts and course descriptions can help you on your way. Plus, a frank discussion on accredited transcripts vs home grown transcripts from a mom with an admissions department perspective.

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Top Ten Tips for Successfully Graduating Your Child

With 19 years of home education and four homeschool graduates who have successfully been admitted to their chosen universities, Debby Sjogren has learned by success and some failure how to prepare your children to have an amazing high school transcript. Come listen and learn how you can also best prepare your children for their next level of higher education.

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Exploring Dual Enrollment and Alternative Credits

What is dual enrollment? How do I prepare my student for college-level learning? How do I know if my student is ready to dual enroll or if it is even the right choice for our family? What subjects lend themselves best to dual enrollment? What courses are important to take from a Christian perspective? How have advancements in technology changed the face of education? Why do 16-18 year olds need a different educational approach from the adult learner? Emphasis will be on helping parents determine what path is best for their student.

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