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Preparing for College

Just when parents are getting the hang of homeschooling High School – College hopes and fears begin to loom on the horizon. What, really, do College Profs expect from students? With over 17 years experience teaching Psychology at a local college, Diane Benson provides insight into what professors want from students, how to be better students and ways to make freshman year (or Dual Enrollment) easier.

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College Admissions and Scholarship Tips

Gems to glean from a veteran homeschooling family. With 10 homeschooled high school graduates that have gone to college on full scholarships to various schools( from large public universities to very small private Christian schools) Charlotte shares wisdom from experience on obtaining college scholarships. Expectations of college admissions departments and scholarship committees can be elusive. Knowing the right questions to ask is invaluable.

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How to Build a Transcript: It’s Easier Than You Think

With children admitted to over 25 different colleges, Charlotte offers a simple guide for transcripts that can be built with a Word document or an Excel worksheet. Sample transcripts and course descriptions can help you on your way. Plus, a frank discussion on accredited transcripts vs home grown transcripts from a mom with an admissions department perspective.

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College Crash Course

Rumors About. Some purport that colleges love homeschoolers; others warn that you need to accredit. The truth is that there is a lot of misinformation in the homeschool community. Indeed, going from homeschool to college does involve jumping through some hoops. Jeannie Fulbright is here to share what some of those hoops are. Jeannie homeschooled her oldest child from start to finish, helping her garner early acceptance to the University of Georgia on scholarship, where she is now on the Dean’s List. As Jeannie navigated the open seas of college admissions, she learned what colleges want and how to make a homeschooler an appealing college applicant. From transcripts to portfolios to the application process and everything in between, the earlier you have this information, the easier it will be to sail through the hoops that’ll get your child into the college of their choice.

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