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What is Biblical Patriarchy

Speaker: Colin Campbell Where can we find the answer to this important question of role modeling? 1. The 21st century world? 2. The 21st century church? 3. Our biological fathers? 4. Our friends and associates? Or what does the Bible say about patriarchal fatherhood? Will fatherhood happen naturally without any real effort on your part […]

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The Inestimable Value of the Christian Home

Speaker: Colin Campbell Who did God give your children to? Who is teaching your children? The state, the church, the daycare, or you? Is your home vacant between 8 am and 6 pm? Is homemaking a true career? Where are true Christian values meant to be taught? The state, the church, the neighbors, the peers […]

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No. 1 Homeschool Subject

Colin speaks about the incredible importance of daily Family Devotions for all homeschoolers, and how to make it an exciting time with the family, rather than religious. When God’s Word gets into the heart of your children the Holy Spirit will bring forth a harvest of fruit that will equip them to bring America back to God.

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Pioneer Fathering

Calling out God’s true calling over Fathers to be leaders, protectors, and to reflect God’s image. Father’s have a God given command to be fruitful and multiply and to lead their family to God. This wonderful session will encourage every father in who God has created them to be. Listen Now

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