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Better Together – Enrich Your Homeschool Experience

Are you ready for a change? There are many reasons to participate in co-ops while homeschooling and this workshop will help you develop a vision, organize a co-op, and get excited about reaping the many benefits of homeschooling co-op style! Not only will your children look forward to co-op days, so will the parents! Sharing the workload makes it less stressful on the parents. Creating a safe and friendly audience for your students to learn, practice, and hone their public speaking skills is a must if we are to raise children who are able to articulate their faith! What better way to help our students mature than to place them in a classroom setting with break-out sessions and opportunities for debate and discussion of controversial issues? And, if your co-op includes students of all ages, allowing the older students to become the teachers adds even more to the co-op experience.

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