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Simple Homeschool: The Remedy to Clutter and Chaos

Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you the next best system to organize your life and homeschool. But what if it wasn’t about the system, but the heart? You have everything you need to start now. Karen will share what she believes is the remedy to clutter and chaos in homeschool and in life – Jesus.

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Organizing Your Home – Creating a Lifestyle Learning Environment

Vicki will help you decide what is important to your family, where you need to begin, and will discuss organizational challenges unique to homeschoolers. Vicki Bentley, fellow busy homeschool mom, shares practical ideas that have helped her manage her household of ten.

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Zone to Zone — Teaching Your Children to Clean Their Rooms and Help Around The House

Listen to Tami as she shares tips and tricks to get your kids helping around the house. Zones, routines, chores are all things we can teach our kids. Clean bedrooms are possible

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