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Creating a Homeschool Schedule You Can Stick To — Christine Zell

We all have the best intentions when we create our homeschool schedules. So many times our plans are derailed, though- even just a few weeks into the new school year! Christine from Rabbit Trails Homeschool will share how to make a simple plan to easily stay on track with your school year. Join in so […]

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Going Down the Rabbit Trail

Do you ever find your children going down their own little rabbit trails while learning, or wish that you could cultivate the love of learning that encourages this exploration? Learn how you can include quality literature in your homeschool that will have your kids begging for more with Rabbit Trails Homeschool Curriculum. Not only will […]

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Beat the Holiday Stress by Keeping Your Home Focused on Jesus

Every year the holiday season seems to be getting more and more stressful! There just isn’t enough time to get it all done. Take time to focus on Jesus, on family, and all of the goodness that this season brings with a special challenge that will be sure to rock your world!

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