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Our Only Hope

Life can be very difficult and many feel helpless and defeated when struggles become too much to handle. As I share my story in my book, Our Only Hope, I describe the extreme hardships I faced throughout my youth and adult life, more than most individuals could imagine facing in an entire lifetime. If you are searching for hope and a purpose, I will share with you the encouragement and inspiration to move forward through the most difficult times. I will guide you down a path of unimaginable hope and a new-found purpose for your life.

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Responding Biblically to Temptation

We all know that the Bible instructs us to flee evil desires, but how is that possible when the bait is so tempting? In this workshop, we will discuss the doctrine of sanctification, specifically as it relates to the work of the Holy Spirit coupled with our obedience to God’s commands in Scripture. We will learn how to respond biblically to temptation through the put off/put on process and also learn what it means to radically amputate sin from our lives.

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Orphan/Widow Care Service Projects for Homeschoolers

Following God’s principles and command to care for the orphans and widows. This session will give guidance for how homeschool families can step into their calling as Christians. Listen Now

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