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Real Moms– Homeschool Rest, Featuring Renita Bentz-Miller

Sure, we are all familiar with the verse “come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”. Yes, this is certainly true. Yet, I find it hard to put it into daily practice in my homeschooling endeavors, especially in this busy season of homeschooling highschoolers. What are the things that […]

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Rethink Chores and Responsibilities

As parents, we all want to instill a sense of responsibility into our children, but how we go about that varies as our children grow and mature. This week, we’ll take a look at our family’s Daily Five to see how this system has helped us stay on top of chores at our house and helped teach the children to be responsible along the way.

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Zone to Zone — Teaching Your Children to Clean Their Rooms and Help Around The House

Listen to Tami as she shares tips and tricks to get your kids helping around the house. Zones, routines, chores are all things we can teach our kids. Clean bedrooms are possible

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Using Common Chores to Raise Uncommon Kids

Character, work ethic, and chores is part of a homeschool moms mantra. Realizing that importance of responsibility with chores. Creating a strong work ethic in your children. Listen Now

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Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule

Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule by speaker Amy Roberts A mother of eight, Amy Roberts, is a blogger at Raising Arrowswhere she talks about parenting a large family, homeschooling, Christian conservatism, and grief support. Raising Arrows is all about keeping in mind the fact that as Christians, we are raising unique individuals who will someday be […]

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Teaching Young Children to Love Doing Chores

Want to nurture a strong work ethic in your children and have them be excited about doing chores? Come hear Crystal Paine, popular blogger, homeschooling graduate, and homeschooling mom of three, share how her parents instilled a love of hard work in her from a young age and how she’s seeking to pass that onto her own children. This session is packed with practical, fun, and creative ideas.

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