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Aaron and His Sons: Understanding the Dangers of Passive Fathering

In Leviticus 10 we read the serious disobedience of Aaron’s four sons. Could their sin have been connected to Aaron’s passivity as a father? In this session for men will examine our enemy of spiritual passivity and talk about strategies to defeat it.

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Gospel Truths That Homeschoolers Forget

We believe in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. So why do so many of our homeschools not reflect that gospel? Why having started in the Spirit, are we now homeschooling in the flesh? Come be reminded of the gospel truths we forget. You will leave encouraged!

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The Disciple Making Parent

God gives us eternal souls to influence. As parents, we should be disciplining these souls using God’s word. Looking to God for wisdom and direction in our parenting. Move from anxiety to confidence in what is best for your family. Listen Now

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