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Wonderful Ways with Wacky Words Words such as could, they’re, and through can drive a teaching parent and struggling learner crazy!

Speaker: Carol Hale Learn the difference between sight words and non-phonetic words. You’ll discover many active, no-cost, quick ways to not just read but spell these important words that make up at least 50 percent of all we read and write. Especially helpful for families with dyslexic students. I tutored a brilliant 7th grade dyslexic […]

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Principles for Remediating Dyslexic Learners Could your child be dyslexic?

Speaker: Carol Hale Twenty percent of our population is – to a degree. Homeschooling these children can be life-saving! Discover the basics about dyslexia: * strengths and weaknesses as signs of dyslexia * indicators from preschool to adulthood * why dyslexics need to be taught differently * remediation options for homeschooling families * how learning […]

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Wonderful Ways to Learn Non-Phonetic & Sight Words

Speaker: Carol Hale I had a brilliant 7th grade student whom I tutored spell “of” as “oave.” Another 50-year-old adult dyslexic learner was still spelling “said” as “sed.” Why are some of these words so hard? Sadly, many curricula are weak in separating these kinds of words, which must be taught differently than phonetic words. […]

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