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PASSOVER Seder Workshop

Speaker: Carla Joy Clements Passover: An Appointed Time on God’s Biblical Calendar. Experience the retelling of God’s miraculous story (Exd1-15). Workshop will help you & your children prepare a family Passover Seder in your home. Beautifully highlights Yeshua (Jesus) as “the Lamb of God” crucified on Passover (John19:14). Messiah in the grave during Feast of […]

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God’s Biblical Calendar: The Feasts of the LORD – Part 1

Children of all ages can minister effectively in other cultures, regardless of language barriers! You can help lift their eyes from their own world to the global spread of the gospel.

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Biblestorying Workshop

When you are able to tell the Bible story in its entirety, it will always point to Jesus. Learning how to share the Story in an exciting and engaging way. By doing this, we will see how God revealed Himself and Jesus throughout the Old Testament. Listen Now

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Biblestorying is one of the most exciting ways to teach. It’s a fun interactive way to learn God’s Word. The whole family can get involved. Visual Story Bible series includes a Multi-Sensory 1-yr Bible Curriculum that’s highly effective for Visual & Kinesthetic learners. Hands-on activities encourage children to experience and remember each Bible story with Drama, Visual Arts, Color Sheets, Crafts, Songs, Auditory Learning, Sewing and more.

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Children Experiencing the Lord’s Passover

Passover: An Appointed Time on God’s Biblical Calendar and a night to remember. Experience the retelling (Exodus 1-15) highlighting Yeshua (Jesus) as the “Lamb of God”. Interactive Workshop includes details to help you & your children prepare a family Passover Seder in your home – Tasting, Telling, Smelling, Seeing, Family Drama & Songs.

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