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How to Write a Hero’s Journey Story

Speaker: Bryan Davis This is a writing workshop in which I describe the nuts and bolts of building a hero’s journey story, which is the most popular story structure for young readers and writers. I give examples from currently published novels and analyze why these stories work. I also have an interactive time with the […]

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Fantasy and the Reader’s Heart

Speaker: Bryan Davis In this session, hear about how fantasy can inspire readers in their spiritual lives. Also, learn how to discern good, moral fantasy and identify destructive fantasy. This is a helpful talk for parents, teachers, and other adults who guide children. Listen Now

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Most Families Make When Saving for Retirement

You’ll learn the Biblical perspective on saving and even investing for retirement, as well as discuss seemingly contradictory teachings of Jesus on “storing up”.

You’ll learn the 4 biggest risks to your retirement success and how you can manage or even avoid them.

– Understand the simple rules for maximizing your retirement savings!
– Discover the 1 risk that no one can avoid and what you must do to beat it
– Learn what I call “The Big Mistake” and what I teach my private clients so that they never make it

Participants will be given the opportunity for a FREE “Retirement-Readiness” audit to find out for yourself if you’re on track to reach your goals!

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Gap Year with a Purpose

A popular trend recently has been to take a year off after high school, calling it a “gap year.” Many students see this as an opportunity to take a break and relax. However, there are also many students who take this year to set a foundation for the rest of their lives. This session will discuss the importance of that foundation and how a student can effectively take a Gap Year with a Purpose.

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How to Start a Story

Bryan Davis describes how to start a story using the hero’s journey story structure. After explaining the structure, he guides students through examples of great ways to capture readers’ interest at the story’s outset.

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