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December Overview

Since everyone is so busy throughout the month of December, we decided to push the content forward a bit, so you won’t have any new emails or videos to watch over the week of Christmas and New Year’s. To accomplish that, we are publishing the first 2 weeks’ worth of videos today, a two for one, so to speak.

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I Believe in Homeschooling

Most parents place a high value on the education they can give to their children. It prepares them for life and gives them hope for a happy future. In the old days, the three R’s of schooling included reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithematic. Is homeschooling succeeding because it is reclaiming the tried and true educational philosophy or is something else going on? In this workshop, Davis presents a compelling case for you to believe in the power of homeschooling and six new R’s to back it up.

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