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Working Homeschool Moms

Speaker: Ariel Tyson Do you work and also homeschool? Do you work and want to homeschool, but don’t see how it’s possible? Do you homeschool, but also want or need to work for some extra income? In this session, we’ll be chatting about the ways it’s possible to combine the two areas of our lives […]

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Snow Filled Pits and Chasing the Roar

Speaker: Ariel Tyson All around me, I witness and I am asked the question, “How can I give my family the gift of the American dream?” We all think that, by giving this to our families, we’re giving them the greatest gift in life, but, in this session, we’re going to combat this by discussing […]

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Cause the Ripple

Speaker: Ariel Tyson Did you have a significant mentor in your life growing up? Do you now? Do your kids? In this session, we will discuss the need for both us, as parents, and for our children to have a solid Christian mentor, or more than one, in our lives, how we should live out […]

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