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Home Management for the Homeschool Mom/Amy Roberts

“I can clean or I can homeschool – I can’t do both!”Have you ever said or thought these words? You know you can’t let the house go or neglect your call to homeschool, but you have no idea how to fit it all into your day. This session will teach you how to set aside […]

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Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule

Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule by speaker Amy Roberts A mother of eight, Amy Roberts, is a blogger at Raising Arrowswhere she talks about parenting a large family, homeschooling, Christian conservatism, and grief support. Raising Arrows is all about keeping in mind the fact that as Christians, we are raising unique individuals who will someday be […]

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Creating the Perfect Schedule

What does it mean to create a schedule? Does the word “schedule” cause panic in your heart? You can keep it a schedule and it takes finding out what works for you and your family. Your family is unique and it involves you discovering what works best for you! Listen Now

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