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Courage and Patriotism: Stories of America’s Beginnings

Stories teach with power and touch the souls of young and old alike. Through stories, heroes come to life as vibrant mentors to us and our children, living in a world of collapsing values.

This presentation, centered on the Revolutionary War, allows our early heroes to teach sacrifice, selflessness and tenacity: Why did soldiers defy enemy bullets and bayonets to fight for their rights? What makes a general great? Who are we today because of the sacrifices of men, women and children who pushed through fear to forge independence?

America is noble because of those who gave her birth: George Washington, the Great Man without whom America might never have been; Nathaniel Greene and Henry Knox, Washington’s genius-generals; The Maryland 400— Washington’s Immortals—who gave all to save their brother soldiers; the secret intelligence organization that allowed Washington to win the Revolutionary War at the risk of their lives—these and many other stories help children reverence the people

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American Presidents – The Good and the Bad

Please join 14 year old published author and homeschooler, Solomon Schmidt, as he teaches about the U.S. Presidents. Solomon will share his “Top Five” list of favorite presidents along with his reasons for why he chose them. He will also share his “Bottom Five” list of least favorite presidents along with the justification for his choices. (Solomon’s opinions about what he likes/dislikes about some of our country’s previous presidents are based on his own research and study of their lives.)

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Did the Founding Fathers Believe in the Christian Doctrine of Providence?

Everybody believes in providence. For some, the belief is in the unseen forces of economics or social evolution. For others, the state is god and either controls everything, or ought to. Many believe that an arbitrary chaos determines? what happens. The Christian belief in God’s predetermining and guiding hand stands in contrast to all other suppositions. What did the founders of the United States believe? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams, John Witherspoon, and others all spoke of providence in various contexts. The belief itself was well-defined in the various church confessions and had been a concept that was common currency in normal conversation in America. What did they actually mean by it? We need to examine the founders’ intent, especially the Enlightenment skepticism so prevalent in Europe. Such doctrine has practical implications for the founding of the Republic and for us in our own lives and times.

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The Amazing Story of The Doolittle Raider and the Samurai

One of the boldest stratagems of the Second World War involved the bombing of Tokyo by a bomber group led by Col. Jimmie Doolittle. Jacob DeShazer, one of Doolittle’s raiders, led a life fleeing from God until his captivity as a prisoner of the Japanese. His story and that of the commanding Japanese pilot in the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mitsuo Fushida, intertwine in a way only God could orchestrate through a series of remarkable providences.

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Passing Along Our Nations History

Speaker: Dr. Jason Stevens Professor of Political Science discusses American history and it’s importance on our current culture and how to teach our children of its importance. Listen Now

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Overview of American History

Please join 14 year old published author and homeschooler, Solomon Schmidt, as he teaches an overview of American History. Solomon will cover thirty major topics, spanning from Columbus to modern day. Young and old audiences alike will be blessed by this young man’s contagious enthusiasm for our nation’s rich heritage.

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Crash Course in American History

Parents, has it been awhile since you studied American history? Do you need a refresher course to teach this subject with confidence? If so, join Linda Lacour Hobar, the author of The Mystery of History, for an insightful and inspiring “Crash Course in American History.”? Offered in two sessions this weekend, Part II will complete the Civil War and cover Chief Joseph, Pearl Harbor, Bay of Pigs, Dr. King, Watergate, and more – taking you up to today’s War on Terror. (If you missed Part I, come anyway! Both sessions will be recorded and available for purchase.) Students of all ages are welcome!

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The First Africans in English America – A Heritage of Diligence and Freedom.

One of the most remarkable stories in American history pertains to the arrival in 1619 of the first Africans to the English colony at Jamestown. Down through the centuries, the descendents of those first Africans could count among their number cattle ranchers, teachers and Confederate soldiers. History is rarely neat and tidy and often flies in the face of prevailing orthodoxies. Few stories capture the imagination and offer a countervailing story of providential triumph like that handful of Bantus of Ndongo from Angola in the earliest days of the Virginia colony.

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The DARK SIDE of History

Does the dark side of history get you down? Are you unsettled by the morbid details? Fear not! The gloom and doom of world history can be a valuable and effective tool for teaching life lessons and reaching the hearts of your students with the Gospel. Please join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of the award-winning series, The Mystery of History, for a pensive and inspirational look at how and why to embrace the dark side of history! (Students age 10 and up are welcome!)

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Courage Sacrifice and Perseverance

Historian for Landmark Events, Bill Potter, shares stories of strong individuals who shaped American and our history. Focusing specifically on Teddy Roosevelt, you will hear amazing stories and facts about this great man! Listen Now

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Teaching the Relationship Between God and Government

Freedom Project Education addresses the relationship between God and government. A view of education in early America and how the founding of government and home education effected our legacy. Listen Now

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The Relationship God and Government

The relationship between God and government in the early days of American were incredibly clear. Over the years, there has been a change and it has become a little less obvious. Very few people in American understand their history and their heritage. This session will explain how the government should be limited. Americanism is the […]

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A Great Awakening: A Rebirth of the Moral Imagination

The US Constitution teaches principles of truth and good government that transfer directly into parental governance in the home. Experience the inspiration of our founding documents as they guide you to define duties, establish authority, and lead.

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Heartbeats of Discipleship: Shaping Your Child’s Heart to Live for God

“Who REALLY “Owns” YOUR Children?”

“Who REALLY “Owns” Your Children?” Two radically opposing views of parenting and education at war in America today… It boils to this: who REALLY “owns” your children? There is an extreme danger to faith and freedom in allowing government to become parent. Learn the real history of so called “public” schools, and the purpose their architects intended. The battle for faith and freedom in America hinges on giving children the education our Creator expects.

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Teaching History the Way It Happened— In Order!

A well-ordered approach to history and literature allows students to follow history as it happened: In order, from ancient times through the present. A classical approach produces a well-rounded student who knows the stories from all of history— whether ancient or modern, Biblical or secular— that every educated person should know.

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