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Using Primary Documents to Teach American History

Speaker: Christopher Burkett This session will demonstrate Ashbrook’s method of using primary documents and conversational teaching methods to help high school aged children not only learn history, but love history. Textbooks too often turn the interesting stories of our past into a dry and boring tales with no meaning. Learning using primary documents brings history […]

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An Overview of American History from Columbus to Modern Day

Speaker: Solomon Schmidt Come and hear homeschool graduate and author of the seven books in the “”History Bites”” series Solomon Schmidt! He will present an overview of American history from Christopher Columbus to modern day and share fascinating facts along with a full color power point presentation. Listen Now

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Presidential Elections and the Electoral College

Speaker: Paul Engel There are those in America who are disassembling the republic. While they may have good intentions, their attempts to convert our nation from a republic to a democracy will not only destroy the republic, but doom us, our children, and their children to a fate similar to the French Revolution of 1789. […]

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50 Core American Documents – A Primary Document Education in History and Government

Speaker: Christopher Burkett and Jason Stevens Too many children in modern-day America are not properly educated about our nation’s rich history and legacy of freedom. We invite students to consider the American experiment in self-government as a triumph that warrants celebration, but also demands serious study. The use of primary sources allows students to see […]

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Constitutional Literacy

This wonderful session will inspire you to know and learn what the constitution says and give a clear understanding of what the principles of freedom are. The Constitution gives clear explanation of what each American has a right to. Knowing what is in the Constitution will give you as an American a better understanding of […]

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The Anti-Christian Pioneers of the American Public Schools System

Shares the ideology of public school and how it changes a child. This session will share how American is using the public school to drive an anti-God worldview and how it starts with school bus. Listen Now

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