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Books as Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors

Speaker: Amber Johnston When children are unable to see themselves reflected in their schoolbooks, they fail to develop positive feelings of self-worth. And when they lack occasions to examine similarities and differences between themselves and others, they miss out on valuable opportunities for recognizing the shared humanity that binds all people together. A mirror is […]

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Worldschooling: Taking the Show on the Road

Speaker: Amber Johnston Traveling abroad is a dream that many families share but figuring out how to traverse across the continents (or even the next state over) with children in tow while homeschooling can feel overwhelming and even impossible. In this session, we’ll discuss what learning away from home entails and how regular everyday families […]

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Sparking Curiosity and Delight in Childhood

Speaker: Amber Johnston When children show strong abilities in one area or another, the adults in their lives often encourage them to pursue hobbies and careers that play off those strengths. That may certainly be an advantage, but sometimes the strategy can leave children feeling incomplete. In this session, we’ll explore a path that supports […]

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