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Ask Me Anything! Real Moms With Leslie

This week in Real Moms of 365, Leslie answers YOUR questions. She talked about gaps in education, finding perfect, socialization and activities, and much more. Be sure to check out this video– and join us live for the next Ask Me Anything where Leslie will field your questions specifically about marriage. 😍 Check out the […]

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Learning is Fun

Learning Is Fun

We’re right in the middle of winter, and as a result, we’re indoors…a lot. Are there creative ways to make learning fun during this season and break up the mundane for ourselves? Let’s chat about that. Bring your creative juices, because this week we’ll explore fun ideas to incorporate in our learning.

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Flexible Homeschooling with Planning and a Bit of Technology

We’ll walk through five easy steps for making a plan—from your Big Picture goals down to your daily activities. Then we’ll discuss how to keep that plan flexible with the help of our favorite online planner. Break free from feeling behind, because there’s more to life than the calendar!

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Unravel the Frazzle

Hear from a veteran homeschool mom who has discovered different ways to get the time back, so that she can enjoy some adventure time with her family. She will discuss ways to organize your time and lessons in order to keep your academics on track while still having time for other things that are so important to your family. Come join the discussion on organizing time, lessons, and activities in order to get it all done.

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