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“Teaching Your Children to Love the Ten Commandments”: Without Becoming Legalists!

What are we to “teach diligently” (Deut. 6:7)? The Ten Commandments (especially Deut. 5.) Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the speaker in 23 video lectures on the Ten Commandments suitable for a home school semester or quarter. In this talk Dr. Beisner explains how to use that series and its study guide to lead your children to say, “Oh, how I love Your law!”(Psalm 119:97) without becoming prideful legalists! He shows how the law convicts us of sin, points us to Christ as Savior, and guides our conduct. He explains how it applies to every aspect of life: personal, familial, social, and political. The Ten Commandments once were widely honored in America, and that helped make our nation free, upright, and prosperous. Recent generations have turned from them, leading to tragic moral decay. If we are to have revival, the Ten Commandments will play a major role. Come and learn how God can use you to help spur such revival – beginning in your own home, and expanding from there!

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