Strengthening Character in Your Homeschool | 129

This week, Kathie Morrissey of the Character Corner is joining us. Kathie is a veteran homeschool mom of 8, all who have graduated and launched. 
In today’s podcast, Kathie will share a lot of what God has taught her through the years, as well as provide information and resources to help you to not only focus on the academics, but the more important issues of the relationship with your kids, character training, and pointing them to God. PLUS, she has some unbelievable freebies available for you that you do NOT want to miss! 

AOP was here before homeschooling was accepted…before it was a movement…before you were told you had to stay home…before it was popular. Their mission today remains the same as it did 45 years ago when they began: to educate, inspire, and change lives through curriculum that promotes academic excellence and Christian values. Discover the benefits of a Christian homeschool education and learn more about AOP’s award-winning homeschool options today at or call them at 800-622-3070!

Additional Resources:

Find wonderful print-outs from Character Corner but clicking HERE.
Find more information about how and why to build character into your kids by clicking HERE.
Find more information about the book “Little Lads and Little Lady’s Virtue” e-book by clicking HERE

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