Zach Fay

Zach is the creator of Lightgliders, a virtual world of Christian faith, games, and community designed to engage kids, redeem screen time, and encourage family discipleship during the critical pre-teenage years. Zach is a former youth pastor, camp counselor, and management consultant, who is passionate about encouraging intentional gospel-centered conversations among kids and families.

Workshops from Zach Fay (may vary by event location)

The Heart of Family Discipleship

Kids are greatly impacted by meaningful conversations with those who care about them the most. And a biblical worldview answers life’s most important questions in a way that is intellectually credible, emotionally invigorating, and relationally fruitful. This talk provides parents with strategies to encourage an atmosphere of discipleship in their homes and to impart a biblical worldview into their children. The goal is for our children to having a living connection with Jesus today and every day.