Valerie O'Rear

Live Well, Live Wisely

Columbus, OH

Valerie is a homeschool mom, RN and Exercise Physiologist with a passion for helping people live fuller lives for Christ through better health choices. She was a nurse in the Air Force and has a Master’s degree in exercise science. Valerie started her first company, a breastfeeding education/breast-pump leasing business, shortly after prematurely giving birth to her first son and noticing the difficulty in renting high-quality breast pumps in her small town. In 2011, she founded Live Well, Live Wisely (based on James 3, MSG) and joined a business team of like-minded women in promoting better nutrition and has grown it steadily for the last six years.

Valerie and her husband Brian have homeschooled their three children since the beginning and recently graduated their first from high school.

Their sons, Christopher and Collin, established a marketing company at ages 17 and 14. Focused on social media connections, RedWolf Promotions has provided thousands of dollars for their college funds and seed money for future business ventures.

 Valerie O'Rear