Terrie McKee

Terrie McKee is an author, speaker, podcaster, and blogger who also homeschools her youngest daughter. Married to Greg (who is paralyzed), together they have four children who all have varying special needs. A follower of Jesus Christ, she teaches adult Sunday School and writes books to encourage Christians on their faith journey.

Workshops from Terrie McKee (may vary by event location)

Strategies on Homeschooling Kids with Special Needs

Homeschooling can be tough for parents of typically-developing children, but for parents of kids with special needs, there’s a whole host of other considerations. In this session, veteran mom of four special needs children, and homeschool blogger Terrie McKee will share strategies on educating students who have special needs, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, diabetes, and more. Participants will learn how they can homeschool their child with special needs, including therapies, tools, and resources to utilize.

Ancient Boundary Stones: Protecting Your Child from an Evil Culture

Proverbs 22:28 states, “Do not move an ancient boundary stone which your fathers have set.” In this session, homeschool blogger and Bible teacher Terrie McKee will encourage parents who are pushing back on the culture that would take our children. She will give participants biblical and practical ways to protect children from the culture in which we are living while allowing them to grow and thrive in God’s will.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Bible, Apologetics