Steve Whitson

Tree Bird Feeders LLC

Nashville, TN

Steve Whitson is the owner of Tree Bird Feeders, LLC. Steve has a BS degree in Wildlife Conservation from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and over 30 years of experience as a wildlife management biologist. Tree Bird Feeders began in 2018. We are based in Missouri as a family run business operated by a homeschool family. We specialize in handcrafted wild bird feeders. Our claim to fame, is we currently have the world's only wooden hummingbird feeder. All of our feeders are made out of wood, built to last, easy to clean and attract a wide variety of wild birds. We also offer lost of other wild bird related feeding and educational items.

 Steve Whitson

Workshops from Steve Whitson ( may vary by event location )

Fostering an Appreciation of Gods Creation Through Feeding Wild Birds

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are as accessible as any creature on earth and most amazing they can fly. Nothing can spark a child's curiosity like birds. In this presentation, I will share the ins and outs of feeding wild birds. You will learn about different ways you can utilize feeding wild birds to teach your children about these most amazing creatures. I will share some of the curriculums we have available to teach about wild birds.