Steve Blackston

Steve is the Children’s Pastor at Mountain View Baptist church in Thomaston, GA and an engineer for the NRCS. He is the father of three children, husband to an awesome wife for 22 years. He wants the men, the leaders of the household, to stand up and lead their house in a way that is pleasing to God; and he wants men to know and love God in a way that is life changing.

Workshops from Steve Blackston (may vary by event location)

Marriage and Relationships

In this session we are going to sit down and discuss what is needed in a Biblical relationship and marriage. We will be looking at what God expects out of both of us and what we may be expecting out of our spouse and just not getting. This is for both guys and gals and is expected to be an open conversation.

Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, For Men, For Women, Relationships

The Watchman of Your House

Watchmen are discussed throughout the Bible and used in great ways. They had to remain awake and alert for approaching enemies and warn of impending attack and give those who dwelt outside the walls an opportunity to seek protection and time to secure the gates and man the defenses. The dad is the watchman of his household, the one who should be on guard. We will discuss the ways that you as a watchman should be the provider, protector, shepherd, and the counselor of your house.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, For Men, Parenting, Relationships