Staci Ericson

Staci Ericson is the founder of Golly Gee-pers, a company that researches, tests and develops new products that help teach children important social skills and she is the co-founder of Fundamentals4kids, an innovative subscription program that teaches children one new manners, character or life skill per month.

Staci is a multi-award-winning game designer and children’s author. She’s written articles for parenting magazines, produces a YouTube Quiz Show on manners, has been a guest speaker on podcasts, blogs and the national radio show, “Supermarket Guru.”

Staci, has two children ages 24 and 17. A retired homeschooler, she continues to design games, write, and inspire children and parents to make good manners a priority in their lives.

Staci lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, son, cat and 4 chickens.

Workshops from Staci Ericson (may vary by event location)

The Connection Between Good Manners and Healthy, Happy, Relationships

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, happy relationships? Who doesn’t want their children to have healthy, happy relationships. Believe it or not, it very much depends on good manners. That’s a pretty bold statement isn’t it? I’m not talking about sweeping issues under the rug or being pretentious. I’m talking about ‘REALationships’, where you can handle disagreements, disappointments and tough times without destroying love, trust and connectedness.
In this workshop parents will learn how to apply this philosophy to their relationships with their spouse and their children. They will learn what this looks like in practical terms, what to do when they stumble and discover how wonderful it feels when we as families, treat each other with purposeful respect.

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Dealing with Behavior Issues without Punishment or Scolding

Imagine gaining cooperation from your child in changing their misbehavior – all without punishment or scolding.
Parents, news flash – most of what we tend to call ‘misbehavior’ in children is really just a lack of skillfulness in manners? What?! It is. All of our little darlings come into this world without one once of decorum and it can get them into quite a lot of trouble – whether it’s doing something we’ve just told them not to do, hitting their sibling or refusing to share.
In this workshop you’ll learn to distinguish your child’s actions that are not misbehavior and learn techniques for handling these situations in new and positive ways. In many cases, using the techniques I’m going to share with you, your child will actually self-correct. I hope you’ll join me for this eye-opening session.

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