Sondra Lee

Author and Homeschooling mother Sondra Lee has released, “My, Son If You Accept My Words,” a Christian parenting book oriented towards mothers seeking to prepare their preteen and teen sons for the transition from boyhood to manhood, specifically regarding matters of the heart. Lee has been blessed with opportunities to write and lead Bible devotions for homeschool groups, newsletters and social media. Lee ministers to mothers both privately and electronically through her website and blog,

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“My Son, If You Accept My Words”

is based on Proverbs 2 and is oriented towards mothers looking to guide their adolescent sons in matters of the heart. Author Sondra Lee is a homeschooling mother of two children whose heart has been burdened for young men to understand the practical application of God’s Word in their own lives. She tenderly shares the importance of guarding one’s own heart so that while pursuing a young man’s dream, he will not find himself like Solomon compromising the truths of God’s Word.

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