Sharlena Barrow

ShillerLearning: Montessori at Home

Rogers, AR

Sharlena Barrow is a parent advocate and former special education teacher who presently works in higher education and resides in the Greater Washington DC Area. Wanting to better advocate for her children, one gifted and one diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Barrow pursued graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction-Learning Disability, Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). After teaching students on the spectrum and obtaining graduate work in ABA, Sharlena gained the knowledge and experience she needed to support her younger son and families in need of advocacy.

Her holistic and individualized approach to learning has contributed to her success in managing her kid entrepreneur son’s business, JJ Kids Presents. One of Sharlena’s most memorable teaching experiences was having the opportunity to teach kids about entrepreneurship. She notes that “not only do you teach all content areas through entrepreneurship, you simultaneously teach critical life skills using a multisensory approach.”

Sharlena’s professional background includes homeschool consulting and holistic health and wellness coaching. Her teaching experience also includes teaching students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, learning differences, attention deficit disorders, as well as speech and language impairments.

 Sharlena Barrow

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