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Realm Makers

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Realm Makers is a faith-friendly annual symposium where Christian creatives focused on science fiction, fantasy, and all their subgenres can come together to learn, network, and encourage one another to excellence in their craft. Realm Makers’ first priority is to help foster excellence whether fiction, film, illustrations, or whatever way we imagine telling our stories. It’s our goal to help the Christian artist who wants to market his or her work under the Christian umbrella, as well as those who want to pursue their goals in the mainstream marketplace. After all, both the “secular” and “religious” markets need inspiring content.

 Scott Minor

Workshops from Scott Minor ( may vary by event location )

Help! What's My Reader Reading?

In a time when it seems anything goes, it's not always easy to know the underlying themes and content of what our readers are reading. Join co-founders of Realm Makers and former homeschoolers Scott and Becky Minor as they take parents and readers into the ever-changing world of speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, and all its subgenres). Scott and Becky will provide a look into the Biblical worldview of modern speculative fiction as well as tips and tricks on how to identify it. Becky is a published author of 4 novels and 3 novellas, as well as an illustrator for children's books and graphic novels. Scott is a performing artist, theater director, and musician. Together, they can speak from years of service to the Christian artist community and the multitude of global relationships they have developed with Christian speculative authors. Stay for a Q&A with local Christian speculative authors.