Dr Sandi Queen

Queen Homeschool Supplies, Inc.

Nashville, TN

Dr. Sandi Queen has homeschooled her children since 1986. A multiple award winning author of over 400 books for homeschoolers and books on natural health, Dr. Queen also runs a wellness center in PA.

Dr Sandi Queen

Workshops from Dr Sandi Queen ( may vary by event location )

The Charlotte Mason Approach

Come and learn how implementing the Charlotte Mason approach can lighten your load, increase your child's retention and attention span, and foster a true love for learning.

Homeschooling During Difficult Times

No matter what your struggle is - caring for an aging parent, loss of your own health, going through a divorce or other difficult family time, this session discusses how to make it through.

Identifying Your Child's Learning Style and Learning to Teach to It

What works for one child does not necessarily work for another. Find out your child's learning style, and how to reach and teach him best!

On Language Arts: A Charlotte Mason Approach

How to teach each component of language arts using the Charlotte Mason approach - reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary - and how to identify and choose materials that fit into this method.