Dr. Sandi Queen, ND

Dr. Sandi Queen has been homeschooling since 1986. A multiple award winning author of over 400 books for homeschoolers and courses on natural health, she is Vice President of Queen Homeschool Supplies, Inc., publishers of Charlotte Mason style curriculum, including the popular “Charlotte Mason in a Box” curriculum kits. Dr. Queen operates The Holistic Wellness Center in Pennsylvania.

Workshops from Dr. Sandi Queen, ND (may vary by event location)

The Charlotte Mason Approach – An Introduction

What is a “living book?” How can “copywork” really be that effective?” “How do I fit nature study into our day – and why do I want to?” “What about math, language arts, and other ‘core’ subjects?” Dr. Sandi Queen, award winning author of over 400 books for Charlotte Mason style educators, discusses who Charlotte Mason was, and how her ideas for educating children are as applicable today as they were during her lifetime.

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Homeschooling During Difficult Times

In this session, Dr. Sandi Queen shares how, during her youngest son’s 3 1/2 year battle with cancer, and her own diagnosis two years into her son’s struggle, the Lord allowed her to continue to not only persevere through daily life in a busy household and care for her ailing son, but also write 40 books during this time. No matter what your struggle is – caring for an aging parent, loss of your own health, going through a divorce or other difficult family time, this session discusses practical ways to get through your days, and will be a blessing and a help.

Encouragement, Mom Encouragement, Parenting

Identifying Your Child’s Learning Style and Learning to Teach to It

Homeschool pioneer Dr. Sandi Queen has been homeschooling her own six children since 1986, and is still homeschooling today. Early on, she discovered that what worked for one child did not necessarily work for another, and started to research different learning styles, and how to best teach each type of learner for maximum effectiveness. Are you struggling to “figure out” the best way to teach your child? Come and learn how you can end the struggle!

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