Samantha Shank

Samantha Shank is a homeschool graduate from Northern Indiana. At the age of 20, she received her bachelor’s degree debt-free and a year and a half early. In her early teens, she started a small blog, Learn in Color, as a way to share her homeschool experiences and passions with others. Since then, Learn in Color has reached over five million people and its resources have been used in 7,000 classrooms across America. From book lists to math tricks, Samantha writes with wit and authenticity from a student’s perspective. Whether you’re a homeschool mom or an aspiring entrepreneur, Samantha loves to encourage and equip others to pursue their aspirations. When not blogging, Samantha can be found competing in the Miss America Organization, researching WWII, and trying to speak Spanish.

Workshops from Samantha Shank (may vary by event location)

History Through Books and Movies

“Textbooks made me fall in love with history!” said no one ever. Homeschool graduate and history nerd Samantha Shank shares the unique ways that you can incorporate books and movies into your history lessons. Learn about the impact powerful stories can make, how to adapt a movie for multiple age ranges, and the ways to find and pick out a good historical movie or book.


Graduating College Debt-Free and Early

Homeschool graduate Samantha Shank used the flexibility homeschooling offered to help her graduate from college debt-free and early, all while building a business. Learn the tips and tricks for earning college credits in high school, strategically developing a good schedule, and the memory technique Samantha used to study throughout college. Whether you have a student wanting to graduate early, an athlete wanting a lighter course load to graduate in 4 years, move onto graduate school, or any student wanting to save money: this session is for you!

Homeschool to College

Homeschooling with Purpose: From a Homeschool Graduate

Let’s be honest: we are faced with doubt constantly. Whether it is self-doubt or skepticism from others, we struggle to see if we are doing something that really matters. Is my homeschool truly making a difference? Are my kids REALLY learning? A former homeschool student, Samantha is a full time entrepreneur and part-time graduate student. Homeschooling gave her the ability to follow her passions and the freedom and flexibility to start building a business at the age of 14. Her journey is filled with grace, humor, and growth. Join Samantha’s story to hear more about the life-changing power of homeschooling and learning with purpose.

Encouragement, Getting Started

From Lemonade Stand to Full Time Entrepreneur: Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Kids

Starting a business at an early age provides ample opportunities for learning hard and soft skills and in the job market, makes an instant stand out in a resume.
When Samantha Shank was 14 years old, she started a small blog about everything from WWII to frugality. What started as a creative outlet turned into a full-time job. Entrepreneurship in the digital age gives kids limitless opportunities to monetize side hustles. In this session, help your kids brainstorm ways to kickstart their own business.