Robyn van Eck

Robyn van Eck is a homeschooling mother of nine, speaker, and author of Grammar of Grace. The conviction that the fear of the Lord actually is the beginning of knowledge is the foundation of her education philosophy. She focuses on Reformation era and early American education, in an effort to revive thoroughly Christian content and methods for modern Homeschool Grammar Schools.

Workshops from Robyn van Eck (may vary by event location)

The Underground History of Education

With a tip of the hat to the late, great John Taylor Gatto, what is the true history of education, the story you’ve never been told? Do we really owe all we know about education to John Dewey and the ancient Greeks? Learn how we ended up where we are today, and how that knowledge can enrich your approach in your own homeschool.

Bible, Bible / Scripture Memory, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Classical Education, History, Language Arts, Reading / Phonics, Writing