Robyn van Eck

Robyn van Eck is a Christian homeschooling mother of nine and the author of Grammar of Grace. Raised in a military family, she went to a wide variety of public schools across the country. She was brought up in the Christian faith, and taught to memorize hundreds of Bible verses as a child, but after she went to college, believing the deceptive philosophies of this age, she ended up in a world of trouble. But God is gracious, who did not cause his Word to return void in her life. She credits the scriptures she memorized as a child as perhaps the single greatest earthly factor that kept her from utter disaster and brought her back to the faith of her fathers.

The deep-seated conviction, “That from a child thou hast known the scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation” (2 Tim. 3:15)—that the fear of the Lord actually is the beginning of knowledge—forms the foundation of her education philosophy. When she began to homeschool, after searching high and low for a curriculum that uses the Bible to teach English, literature, spelling, reading, writing, and history; she was driven to write the curriculum she was looking for herself. With constant encouragement and wisdom from her husband, and her own classroom of little guinea pigs to try everything out (but I joke—it was written for those precious little guinea pigs), Grammar of Grace was born.

Robyn earned her master’s degree in music from Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University, where she was the first oboist in the school’s history to win the concerto competition (a music school’s highest honor). She delights in bringing a biblical Christian worldview to bear on every subject, and in teaching her children to do the same.

Workshops from Robyn van Eck (may vary by event location)

Making Noah Webster Cool Again:

What if every Christian parent knew how to open up Noah Webster’s Blue Back Speller and the Bible, and—with those two books as the primary textbooks—give their children a complete education?  Two hundred years ago in America, protestant Christian mothers knew how to do just that.  Learn a bit about what those old methods were, what content was taught, and how you can put it all into practice in your own homeschool.

Bible, Bible / Scripture Memory, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Classical Education

Can I Teach My Kids Latin & Greek?!

In a word, yes!  You can take these classes with your child, and there are great resources out there that you can use, without having a Latin and Greek teacher in the house with you!  It’s just one little step at a time.

Bible, Bible / Scripture Memory, Classical Education, Language Arts