Rita Cevasco

Rooted in Language

Nashville, TN

Rita has spent over thirty years working as a speech-language pathologist and reading-writing specialist with extensive training in dyslexia and dysgraphia. As a homeschool veteran, she has vast experience teaching a comprehensive approach to language arts to her own children and her clients. Rita has built her work on evidence-based strategies from the fields of language and reading, using successful methods tested in her own practice. Rita is the co-owner of Rooted in Language, which provides home educators with multisensory, engaging strategies for struggling and typical learners, giving them the tools needed to grow independent, successful readers and writers. Rita and her team specialize in creating deep learning strategies to aid students in taking small steps toward huge growth and progress!

 Rita Cevasco

Workshops from Rita Cevasco ( may vary by event location )

Dyslexia & Dysgraphia: Strategies to Provide Help and Hope for Struggling Readers and Writers

Recognize the signs of dyslexia and dysgraphia and learn three research-based strategies to strengthen reading and writing in children of all ages. Children who struggle with literacy skills need both a multisensory and comprehensive approach to all of language arts. We will discuss how to put these strategies into practice to help students strengthen their reading and writing across subject areas! Speakers Rita and Moira are both speech-language pathologists, former homeschoolers, and a mother-daughter team. They work with struggling readers and writers in their private practice and through their online company, RootedinLanguage.com. They focus on giving educators the tools needed to grow independent, successful readers and writers!