Mr Richard Risbrudt

Mr Richard Risbrudt


Richard "Mr. Riz" Risbrudt is life long teacher of Bible and science. He has taught adult ministry classes in New Testament Survey, The Book of Daniel, The Book of Revelations, and the Gospel of Matthew. His high school teaching has spanned over 4 decades of teaching various levels of chemistry, biology, Earth science, astronomy and physical science. Mr. Riz has the gift of teaching and explaining difficult concepts in ways that all levels of students can understand. His teaching honors include: multiple-years as a Teach of Influence, the Ashland Oil Excellence in Education Award, Fergus Falls (MN) Teacher of the Year, Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Education Award, and Certificates of Recognition for his excellence in teaching education from three Minnesota Governors; Rudy Perpich, Arne Carlson, and Jesse Ventura. Richard is married to his wife, Denise. They have three grown children, five grandchildren and live in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Workshops from Mr Richard Risbrudt ( may vary by event location )

What’s the “Matter”? The Answer to High School Chemistry

At this workshop we will address the issues and concerns that parents have regarding homeschool high school chemistry. Questions like: “Will the chemistry course I decide on prepare my child for the rigor and structure of college chemistry? What should we do about lab experiments, chemicals and lab equipment? It’s been 25 years since I took chemistry, does anybody know a teacher that would be willing to help in teaching my child, even for one or two times a week? If I buy a chemistry teacher's edition and a workbook with answers, will that be good enough?" This session will answer questions like these and many more!

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