Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca is a second generation homeschool mom to 5 beautiful kids. She is married to an RCMP officer and lives in Northern BC, surviving on an ample supply of coffee and Jesus. She is the creator of Gather ‘Round Homeschool and blogs over at Homeschool On where she shares not Pinterest perfect, but real life chaos. She passionately believes that God is raising up a generation of families who are connected and following Him, and that she (and many others) are called to this path they are on. Her sessions have a simple underlying message: life and life abundantly, no more settling for mere survival, you can find joy in the journey! You are not here by accident, come and hear the imperfect testimony of a mom in the trenches with you and be encouraged to persevere!

Workshops from Rebecca Spooner (may vary by event location)

Teaching the Child you Have, Not the Child you Want them to Be

This session is for anyone who is homeschooling a child who just doesn’t seem to be into it. Books aren’t really their thing; writing is deplorable. Rebecca will introduce you to her spunky 12 year old son, Malakai, who doesn’t fit the mold of a book learner. You’ll be laughing through the stories of these amazing kids who stretch us beyond what we thought was possible and walk away with some practical tips of how to understand the child you have and tweak your expectations to line up with the gift that God gave you.

Encouragement, Language Arts, Mom Encouragement, Reading / Phonics, Writing

Working + Homeschooling (How is it Possible?)

Are you trying to homeschool, keep up with your house, fit in your job, and find time for yourself? How do you juggle it all when you are doing practically three full-time jobs at once? If you are working (or considering how feasible it might be), this session is for you. Hear from Rebecca—author, speaker, CEO of an international company, and homeschool mom of five—as she shares her strategies and tips. Yes, this is possible, but it is going to take determination, a fresh perspective, and a whole lot of God. Bring coffee and a notebook—we have a lot to talk about.


Yes, You Can Teach All Your Kids Together

Feeling overwhelmed with all your children’s individual interests and needs? Daunted by the mountain of curriculum and amazing programs you have picked out? Time out! Come listen to a homeschool mom of five as she shares her testimony of when God asked her to hit the reset button in her home. From finding routine to hacking the education model and teaching all her children together, Rebecca has found the picture she thought she had to give up on: finding a love of learning, connecting as a family, and God in the center of it all.

Encouragement, Getting Started, Language Arts, Other Academics, Reading / Phonics, Special Needs, Writing

How Do I know it is Enough?

The pressure to do it right, not mess up your kids, and fill in all the gaps is coming from all sides—often to the detriment of our children. This session is all about permission: permission to make homeschooling what it needs to be for you, to raise out-of-the-box thinkers, to skip that lesson, and to refuse to settle. If this question has been plaguing you, you need to sit in this session to remind yourself that you don’t have to aim for the national average . . . you can choose extraordinary. Raise world changers with me.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Encouragement

How to Raise a World Changer

Movers and shakers are few and far between—they are not the norm. And yet, this is what God invites us to walk in: to be in the world but not of it—to be set apart. Homeschooling for the purpose of graduation and a good career vs. homeschooling for the purpose of raising kingdom minded culture-shifters are two very different things. If you are hoping for more out of this than a good GPA, join Rebecca as she shares encouragement, tips, strategies, and real examples of people who had unorthodox educations that led to unorthodox lives. Step outside the box with me; it’s far from the status quo.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Encouragement, Mom Encouragement, Parenting