Rachel Rist

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Nashville, TN

Graduating her last child in May of 2019, Rachel Rist continues to be active in leading and teaching in the Nashville area. Although her personal homeschooling journey has concluded, she continues to learn and grow along with her high school tutorial students. Her enthusiasm for IEW remains steadfast because of the tremendous improvement of students' writing abilities to express themselves and to communicate clearly using IEW's principles. Having a daughter that is a college writing tutor only confirms the impact of IEW's Structure and Style. Recently, she had a second-year student say to first-year students, "If you understand and memorize IEW's TRIAC structure of writing a paragraph, you can write anything!" Going in to her sixth year of exhibiting, she is looking forward to telling new moms about the core values of IEW.

 Rachel Rist

Workshops from Rachel Rist ( may vary by event location )

EZ + 1: Making Sense of Teaching Writing

Teaching writing well is not only possible, it can be enjoyable! Come and learn about an effective and easy-to-use approach for the very reluctant child as well as the natural writer. Using models, checklists, and a clear pathway for "EZ + 1" skill progression, the Structure and Style® composition program is guaranteed to instill confidence and build competence in students of all ages and aptitudes.