Rachael Carman

Rachael Carman


Rachael Carman had it going on - or so she thought. After surviving sixty-three months of pregnancy, countless sleepless nights, and 35,000+ diapers, this one-time control freak encountered God's grace. And she encourages you to do the same!

In her books How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? and How to Have a HEART for Your Kids, Rachael challenges mothers to surrender their will and draw closer to their heavenly Father. She invites moms to join her in loving God passionately and worshiping him fully while sweeping up Cheerios, doing laundry, and planning dinner. You will be affirmed in your role as a mother as Rachael speaks of her struggles with perfectionism and impatience and shares her challenges, failures, and victories amid the ever-changing seasons of life. Her honesty will surprise you, and her humor will put you at ease.

Rachael is not only a respected author but is also a sought-after speaker. She has spoken across the United States as well as in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

She has been married to her husband, Davis, since 1986. Together, their life has been a roller-coaster ride, with God at the controls. They have seven kids with whom they love to laugh. Rachael enjoys playing in the dirt, eating dark chocolate, and walking on the beach. She and Davis are the owners of Apologia Educational Ministries.

Workshops from Rachael Carman ( may vary by event location )

An Evening of Real Refreshment for Moms presented by Apologia

As homeschool moms, we are always on call, aren't we? We are privileged to meet the needs of daddy and children and to be the glue that holds our families together. At Teach Them Diligently, we want to offer YOU a night of refreshment, so we've teamed up with our dear friend Rachael Carman to bring you a night to remember!

How To Homeschool With Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus

This informal session will include about 30 minutes of helpful tips and insights from Leslie Nunnery and Rachael Carman, who together have 28+ years of homeschool experience. This time will be followed by about 30 minutes of interaction with the audience as the ladies answer your homeschool questions. This is a must attend for new homeschoolers!

What About THAT Child?

What face comes to mind when you hear "that child"?? Do you smile or scowl when you see that face? Do you struggle to like that child? That child is a world changer. God has a plan for that child. All of that energy, all those questions, all that strength, all THAT, is God-given for His glory. Come learn strategies for learning to enjoy that child, to embrace that child, and to train that child for God's purposes.

When Doubt Creeps In

We all have moments of doubt along this homeschool journey. We wonder if we're doing the right thing or if we are messing up our kids. You are not alone in your desperate moments. Come have your hope renewed!

5 Things You May Not Know You Need to Know Before Choosing Curriculum

What goes through your mind when you step into an exhibit hall full of hundreds of curriculum choices? Maybe a bit of doubt and more than a few questions? It can be overwhelming, for sure. Have no fear! Veteran homeschool mom, Rachael Carman, has been there and she has the 5 Things You Need to Know (That You May Not Know You Need to Know) When Choosing Curriculum. Be inspired to choose with confidence as Rachael imparts her wisdom, earned over her more than 20 years as a homeschooling mom.

Soaring Beyond Survival

Homeschooling is not easy. As a matter of fact, it can be downright overwhelming, tempting us to slip into survival mode. Homeschooling is the adventure of a lifetime, and God will be your strength. It is not His will that you just survive, He wants you to thrive. Come hear Rachael discuss what it takes to soar like an eagle.

Attention: Obsessive-Compulsive, Perfectionist, Control-Freaks - C.H.I.L.L. O.U.T.

Our kids need to see our smiles. They need to hear our laughter. They can spot a fake from a mile off. But as we cultivate our own joy, the joy of our salvation, we can laugh at the days to come:? (Proverbs 31:25). How is that possible? Because we know that God is on the throne. We can live with confident hope knowing that He's got this!

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